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Monarch Grove Sanctuary

Visit the awe-inspiring butterflies at pacific grove's monarch grove sanctuary

Visit this beautiful display of mother nature at its best at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove. Each October, thousands of Monarch butterflies begin their southern migration to warmer southern climates to wait out the winter. Clustering together in the branches of eucalyptus trees and gardens, these majestic butterflies spend the winter months at this protected grove, resting and flying together in an awe-inspiring whirl of delicate wings and bright color.

The Monarchs fill the grove from October until February (peaking at the end of November), when they begin to leave and continue on their southern migration. Created by the City of Pacific Grove, the butterfly sanctuary serves as a natural preserve and an educational tool for visitors. After your visit to the sanctuary, head over to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History to see their Monarch gallery and to learn more about butterflies and other animals native to the region.

Monarch Grove Sanctuary of Light House Lodge Cottages, California

Monarch Grove Sanctuary

250 Ridge Rd, Pacific Grov, Monterey , California, 93950
Distance from Hotel: 0.3 mile

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Prices - Free


HOURS - Open daily from dawn to dusk.


  • Butterfly Ball - Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
  • Butterfly Parade


  • Docent Talks
  • Walking Paths
  • Butterfly Viewing
  • Photography
  • Museum
  • Special Events

When is the best time of day and year to see the monarchs?

Monarch butterflies will only leave their clusters and begin to fly when the weather is warmer than 55 degrees. So, you should plan to visit the sanctuary when the fog has cleared and the sun has warmed the butterflies, generally between 12 pm -3 pm. If you visit during those hours in the months of November through February, you'll also meet up with docents from the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History who are on site to answer your questions.

Where do the butterfly's migrate from or to?

Monarch butterflies can't survive the cold winter weather, so they migrate south and west each year to escape it. The Monarchs that winter in Pacific Grove fly 2,500 miles away from the Rocky Mountains to rest and recharge in the comfort of the coastal eucalyptus groves. Although they do not live longer than a few weeks, generations of Monarchs migrate to the very same place each year and are the only insect that travel so far to reach to a warmer climate.