Working in the Studio
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Pacific Grove, CA
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Where:Indigital Studios, 1305 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, California, United States, 95060
Working in the Studio In this Lab, we will discuss ways to improve your home studio/bedroom studio situation. We will tour our studio and discuss its treatment and what purpose it serves. We show you how to use sine waves as test tones at different frequencies and walk around the room so you get a feel for how standing waves work in that particular studio. If possible, we will point out examples of flutter echoes and standing waves and also emphasize the importance of having a comfortable and correct listening position in the studio. Members will also go out with portable sound recorder/ phone/ portable interface and computer/ all of those simultaneously we will divide students into small teams and have them all seek out sounds in and around the studio, then get together, listen to the sounds, discuss their goals, findings, and things they'd do differently next time We will reference some material in the studio with you and discuss the importance of referencing to get to know a space before you work in it professionally. We will also discuss the importance of great reference monitors and getting to know your system. Technical Terms: Anatomy of the Ear, Equal Loudness curves, Sound Pressure Levels
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