03-12-2018 14:00:00 - UKE-o-MMunity: build-n-learn ...laugh-n-heal ...sing, stum-n-play!
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Pacific Grove, CA
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Where:Community Connections, 300 Harvey West Blvd, Santa Cruz, California, United States
Harmony... Community... and the blissful sounds of a Uke         We are all on a quest for something. For wholeness, for companionship, for...        Why not add a soundtrack and good company to the journey?  During this 5 week series (1 ticket covers everything) you will have the opportunity to learn the Ukulele alongside of an intentional community united by common passions (community means simply 'common-unity') music and a happier/healthier/more holistic life.    The series will start with a 'Build-a-Uke' session (included in registration costs) where you will be given a Uke-Kit which includes everything needed to build and decorate our own fully functioning Uke.  This will be a great time to learn the essense of the instrument as we share about its history, function, etc...           This will also be a beautiful time to personalize your instrument while sharing about 'your person' alongside a supportive network of new friends. The proceeding 4 sessions will include basic instruction for newbies and intermediate players themed around songs about self-growth, self/social awareness, etc...    Each session will include 15 minutes of intention setting and mindfulness, 45 minutes of instruction, and a half hour of open jamming playing that week's new songs in community!  Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, etc...     Sweaty Sheep: Is an exempt and inclusive community with a mission to ‘utilize recreation in overcoming social, economic, and faith barriers so to create a more holistic and cohesive community.' Learn more at: www.sweatysheep.com.          Living Evolution (www.livingevolution.org) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization that supports physical, mental and emotional health through experiential learning programs.
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