furniture Daniel + Robert Schwartz
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Pacific Grove, CA
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Where:Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art, 1050 River Street, #127, Santa Cruz, California, United States, 95060
furniture Daniel is a solo electronic project of David Dominique, combining analog synthesizers and voice to create colorful patchworks of polyphonic vocal harmonies. Robert Schwartz is a modular synthesist who blends diverse field recordings with pulsing abstract soundscapes. Robert Schwartz Austrian composer and architect, Robert Schwarz, is an internationally-acclaimed modular synthesist. He has presented compositions and installations throughout Europe, Japan and the United States. His ecological approach, blending diverse field recordings with pulsing abstract soundcapes, has been called "radically non-athropomorphic" by Musiquemachine: "It's a non-human perspective he's trying to conjure up with these studio tricks of scale and intensification. The effect is at once vertiginous and thoroughly engaging. A rare feat…". Schwarz's most recent album, Double Negative, has been called "a mystical dream with vivid detail," (beachsloth) and was described by Touching Extremes as "a beautiful amalgamation of divergent acoustic universes, deeply human…the entirety of a soundscape appears as a biotic continuity of primordial realities and studio-engendered fantasy." His collaborative installations have been presented in Los Angeles, Brussels and Vienna, and reviewed in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and LA Weekly and numerous others. furnture Daniel furniture Daniel is the solo electronic project of David Dominique. Performing on analog synthesizers, voice and loop pedal, Dominique creates colorful patchworks of looped polyphonic vocal harmonies, chants, utterances and evolving timbres. Rich, abstract soundscapes intersperse with winding multi-layered songs, exploring grief, mania, hallucination and catharsis. Dominique, is a composer, performer and music theorist living in Richmond, by way of LA, Boston and New York, recently appointed Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Theory at the College of William & Mary. Much of Dominique's recent music has been wr
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