Music at The Lab: Femmes & Folx
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Pacific Grove, CA
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Where:The Lab, 3728 The Barnyard, Suite G-23, Carmel, California, United States
IN A WORLD, where the music scene is dominated by cisgender men, one group of powerful beings carve a new space... FEMMES & FOLX brings you five fresh and funky acts, all women and nonbinary musicians from here in our community: Bedrooms + River Navaille + Sepia Pepper + Lucy Balboa + No Existo Come down to the Lab and bring your friends and lovers. $10-20 sliding scale donation, no one turned away for lack of funds. Doors at 7:30, show starts 8:00!BEDROOMS (Ari Edwards) is a nonbinary latinx from Salinas California, making songs and sad tunes for all to hear! They love to collaborate with fellow musicians as well as sing their heart out on their own, either way they hope to continue making musical feelings. NAVAILLE is a Seaside songwriter whose fluttering soprano is matched by a richly emotional chest voice, backed up by warm acoustic baritone ukulele. Their lyric-centric writing can provoke both laughter and tears (or so they've been told). https://rivernavaille.bandcamp.comSEPIA PEPPER's unrelenting sound will put you in a flower powered time machine. Feel the magic of the summer of love, the free spirited rebellion of classic rock. Sepia's powerhouse vocals, flamboyant style, and cosmic energy make it hard for you to take your eyes off her when she's on stage. You'll leave with a new understanding of the phrase, "are you experienced?"LUCY BALBOA (Tiffany Decker) picked up a guitar when she got kicked out of art school and had to figure something else out. Living with a rowdy bunch of musicians in Portland, Oregon, she was "impregnated" with the music and has been songwriting, percussion-playing, and guitar-shredding ever since. Her raw and soulful vocals backed up by rhythmic, groovy guitar will leave you weak for weeks.NO EXISTO (Monique Rose) is a Salinas native and multidisciplinary artist. A closeted songwriter since childhood, she received an MFA in poetry from Sara
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